long island

Total Care

Total Care

Owning a Long Island made easy

To own a boat is one of the great things in life. At Long Island we recognize that when you step onboard your boat you get that special feeling. We will make sure that you will always have that feeling when you board your Long Island. Let us take care of the service, the storage and even the transport of your Long Island to any destination you like.


Are you planning a holiday abroad and would you like to bring your Long Island? We have our own transportservice for getting your Long Island anywhere safe and sound.


Let the people who built your Long Island take care of the regular service and maintenance. Further to that our dedicated craftsmen can execute a complete refit of your yacht to your individual demands.


No need to think about where to keep your Long Island off season. Just let us know when we have to pick up your boat. We will store your precious possession and execute all the services required.

covered mooring

Covered mooring

At our yard in the center of the Dutch Lake district we have a covered marina with a private mooring for your Long Island. 


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