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Long Island Yachts moved to historic shipyard

Long Island Yachts acquired the Jachtwerf Allemansgeest shipyard in Voorschoten. Work has begun to transform the historic yard into an inspiring base for Long Island owners and potential owners alike. In addition to the production of new boats, the extensive yard facilities offer the possibility to perform all conceivable service, maintenance work and refits of yachts. In the covered harbor and in the showroom there is room for a wide collection of new and pre-owned boats.

The history of Jachtwerf Allemansgeest is largely determined by B. Klaassen, the builder of the iconic Super van Craft motor yachts. Bernd Klaassen probably started building yachts in Voorschoten as early as 1937. In 1956 the yacht with construction number 50 was launched at Jachtwerf Allemansgeest. Over 600 Super van Craft motor yachts have been built at Jachtwerf Allemansgeest until the end of the 1990's. The stately Super van Craft yachts are also known as the "Rolls Royce" of the Dutch motor yachts.

Long Island yachts is restoring Jachtwerf Allemansgeest into its former glory and looks forward to creating a yachting hotspot for boating enthousiasts. The work required to facilitate premium winterstorage will be finished before the start of the storage season 2020-2021.


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