long island


LongIsland Yachts moved to historic shipyard

LongIsland Yachts acquired the Jachtwerf Allemansgeest shipyard in Voorschoten and is creating a yachting hotspot.

Amsterdam - Hamburg - Helgoland - Amsterdam by 33 Runabout

Discovering new horizons. The LongIsland 33 Runabout Makom made a summer cruise to Hamburg in perfect conditions.

First LongIsland 29 Runabout in production

The first LongIsland 29 Runabout has been sold to an experienced Dutch Yachtsman and is in production. The boat will be delivered in the first quarter of 2021.

LongIsland 40 Runabout delivered to Saint Tropez

The bay of Saint Tropez welcomes a LongIsland 40 Runabout, just the perfect location for this elegant yacht.

LongIsland North Sea crossing to London

Six LongIslands crossed the North Sea to London. The boats proved to be great companions on the open sea and on the tranquil non tidal Thames.

New 33 Runabout

The 2020 model of the LongIsland 33 Runabout will be introduced at the HISWA in water boat show on the September the 3rd in Lelystad, The Netherlands.