Über LongIsland

The LongIsland range of boats originated out of a passion for classic boats. A team of passionate boaters, Dutch yachtbuilders and the naval architects of Studio Delta joint their strengths to develop the ultimate boats for the experienced boater with high demands on styling, quality, performance and comfort.

The combination of Dutch boatbuilding heritage, the seaworthiness of New England lobsterboats, the styling of classic runabouts, the reliability of high-tech production and state of the art comfort make the LongIsland boats to the splendid multipurpose thoroughbreds that they are.

With a LongIsland you can cruise the inland waterways at slow speed, make high speed trips over sea or enjoy anchoring in a sheltered bay.
Every LongIsland is made to the individual specifications of its owner. The boats are build without making any compromise regarding quality. Only parts that have proven their quality are used on a LongIsland.

A LongIsland is made to last and to offer it owner the pleasure of owning a beautyfull gem for years.
With elegant timeless classic styling, state of the art techniques, luxury, comfort and superior performance LongIsland is building the classic boats of the future.