LongIsland 29 Sportsman Open

The innovative LongIsland 29 Sportsman Open separates itself from former ‘classic’ models by her contemporary open transom and substantial swim platform. The spacious swim area, ideal for getting in and out of the water, also serves as a luscious lounging area, similar to those on the most prestigious superyachts. 

Not just a Pretty Face

The latest technologies and high-end components have been used in the construction of this technically advanced yacht. For example, her top quality audio system is installed invisibly. The system’s radio can be conveniently operated through Bluetooth while a Digital Sound Processor easily controls volume levels. Smart phones are charged through a Bluetooth charge system, which take advantage of the newest Oi-technology. Furthermore, the 29 Sportsman Open’s aft deck features an intelligent sun pad which can be made smaller or larger electrically. Another high point is the electric air compressor installed at the back of the boat: preparing inflatable water toys, like tubes and tires, has never been so easy.

Leading Edge Design

Hull and super structure are finished in a sleek and modern “Midnight gray metallic”, which is perfectly complemented by the yacht’s honey-coloured Esthec decking, and fresh white caulking. The result is an integrated and unified look, as well as a yacht which is easy to maintain in tip-top condition. 

An Impressive Performer

LongIsland yachts are recognized in the yachting community for their top sailing abilities and the 29 Sportsman Open is no exception. Her 320 hp Yanmar V8 diesel engine effortlessly propels her to speeds in excess of 30 knots. Moreover, a LongIsland makes for smooth and virtually unnoticeable transitions to planing. The 29 Sportsman Open’s ‘sporty’ transom gives this stunning yacht a state of the art look, which is reflected in the rest of the yacht’s cutting edge design features and stylish colour scheme. Although racy and contemporary she still pays homage to LongIsland’s former, more classic models.