The open LongIsland 33 Sportsman is admired for its stylish lines and classic appearance. But do not let those beautiful lines fool you, the 33 Sportsman is a very comfortable boat with stunning performance. The hull design and solid construction enables the 33 Sportsman to excel at high speeds and on open water.
The well laid out spacious cockpit and high level of standard equipment guarantee a high level of comfort while entertaining a large crew.
The LongIsland 33 Sportsman combines in a very special way sportiness, style, comfort and usability.


Length10.00 meter
Width2.85 meter
Sea gauge0.75 meter
Motor(en)Yanmar D 220 - 370 pk
Displacement3.0 ton(s)
Fuel2 x 150 liter
RankingsCoastal (C)
Maximum speed+/- 32 knopen/knots

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